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Aaron Ohlsen is our new Ranger

Aaron is from Vinton, Iowa and a full time outdoor enthusiast.  If you see him around, please welcome him.   His first message to JCC subscribers follows.

Ranger Update June 16, 2019

I might be biased, but to me there is no prettier place in the world than Iowa in June. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and whether you enjoy the vast rolling hills of the tall grass prairie swaying in the summer breeze, the sound of songbirds singing, the smell of a bonfire under the nights sky, or simply just a view of the lake from a park bench; Johnson County Conservation has something to offer to everyone, and I encourage you to come out and see the beauty in one of our many areas.

To ensure your, and other park users visits are both fun and safe, please adhere to some Park Ranger advice.

  • Leave the area better than you found it. This will ensure other users experience was as pleasant as yours.
  • With Kent Park Lake back at full pool and the area rivers being prime for fishing, be safe. Never let a child out of sight when near the water’s edge and use your life jackets. As a reminder, when occupying a vessel it is state law that all users have a life jacket with them and any child under 13 must wear their life jacket when on a vessel.
  • Bring bug spray just in case. Bug spray with deet can help ward off mosquitoes, gnats, and even ticks. After a hike however it is still a good idea to check yourself for ticks as they are carriers of limes disease. Also be able to identify Poison Ivy so you and your party can avoid the plan• Keep updated on the forecast. If severe weather is predicted, take the appropriate actions to ensure your and others safety.
  • Rules and regulations can be found at kiosks, inside brochures, or on our website at https://www.johnson-county.com/dept_conservation.aspx…under the rules and regulations tab. Please be sure to know the rules and regulations of the area you are visiting and if you are unsure, please ask.

And as always, enjoy your counties parks and natural areas!

Park Ranger Aaron Ohlsen

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