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Bluebird Trail Updates at Kent Park by Kristen Morrow

Visitors to Kent Park might notice something new along the main road loop – bluebird boxes! Thanks to the hard work of Volunteers Ben Rowold and Jim Walters, the Bluebird Trail at Kent Park (in place since 1997) has been completely overhauled. Many new boxes have been put up, and many old boxes have been moved to places more favorable to bluebirds. JCC staff have already noticed both male and female bluebirds checking out the new digs! We anticipate a significant increase in the amount of bluebirds that fledge from Kent Park this summer.

You can admire the bluebirds as you hike or drive through the park (but please do not attempt to open the boxes!). Check out the updated Bluebird Trail map to see where all 25 boxes are located in the park and see the info sheet for more background on the importance of bluebird boxes.

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