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One of the many asters that are blooming now.

There were 3 Birders and we walked 1.5 miles. 

This week’s Crew
17 species: Wood Duck  7, Mourning Dove  10, Bald Eagle  1, Red-headed Woodpecker  8, Northern Flicker  1, Eastern Wood-Pewee  1 [heard calling as we were getting ready to leave], Great Crested Flycatcher [photo identified], Eastern Kingbird  x, Blue Jay  20, American Crow  5, House Wren  3, Eastern Bluebird  2, American Goldfinch  10, Field Sparrow  3, Red-winged Blackbird  3, Common Yellowthroat  1, Northern Cardinal  6, and Rose-breasted Grosbeak  1.

I have been trying to get up early so I can have some early morning light to catch some photos, before the walk starts. The smart photographers talk about how wonder the morning light is. They are right.

This photo was my first of the morning, taken between North Liberty and Tiffen, looking East.


Kent Park Lake which will be celebrating its reopening this weekend.


West side Prairie, looking South


Another view of the West side Prairies, looking South.

It was lovely day at the park this morning.  Birds were quiet and hard to see.  Flowers are diminishing in variety but there was still many blooming, but most are Sunflowers, various Goldenrods and Asters.



I believe I have taken a photo of this grass, several trips in a row.


I always rather like, backlit flower photos. This one shows the back of the flower.


Odd bug on Sunflower leave.


More of the Sunflowers


Sunflowers, asters and several Goldenrods make up the bulk of the blooms this week.

It is always a treat when someone new joins our group.  Jerry Peterson and his camera joined us.


Blue Jay,
courtesy of Jerry Peterson


Red-headed Woodpecker, courtesy of Jerry Peterson


Wood Ducks,
courtesy of Jerry Peterson


Rose-breasted Grosbeak,
courtesy of Jerry Peterson

Great Crested Flycatcher,
courtesy of Jerry Peterson

Eastern Bluebird,
courtesy of Jerry Peterson

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