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Yesterday I spend some time out at FW Kent P with some folks from Oak Knoll Retirement Residence.   We had a wonderful time.

For a general group, Kent P at the CEC is great place to visit, lots of different things to see, inside and out.

We started at the Blind, which was remarkably quiet. White-breasted Nuthatches were the most numerous species and darn near the only species. There was one or two Tufted Titmice and a Downy Woodpecker. That was it. No Goldfinches. No Cardinals. After enjoying the show at the Blind, we went to the CEC. Naturalist Kristen Morrow, joined us and we looked out the windows, adding Red-breasted Nuthatch to our list, along with Ruby-throated Hummingbird. We looked at the Ornate Box Turtles and Fox Snakes and Tiger Salamander. Kristen go one of the Fox Snakes out and almost everyone of the visitors touched the snake and perhaps half of the group held the snake.

Then we walked outside and looked at the flowers. There are still a few flowers blooming but most of it is yellow [mostly nearly toothless Saw-tooth sunflowers, a few Goldenrods, various Asters and one lonely Compass Plant. I am always amazed at the different yellow shown by the Compass Plant – it is a much purer lemony yellow as opposed to the slightly orange yellow shown by the other flowers

Ben, one of the volunteers at Kent Park asked if we wanted to see some baby raccoons. Everyone trooped down to watch them. We did not have a scope, but I zoomed in with camera and opened the LCD so people could look there.

Here are some of the photos I took,


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