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About Us


Our Mission

To support the educational and conservation functions of the Johnson County Conservation Board.

Our Vision

We believe the Friends will be able to provide assistance as a philanthropic partner and by encouraging volunteers.

Future Goals

Annual JCC celebration; Friends group members-only explorations of JCC properties; FJCC donor recognition; JCC Annual Photo Contest.

Our Qualities

Conservation; Education; Community; and Encouraging people of all ages to enjoy nature.

Our Directors and Officers


  • Alice Atkinson
  • Ken Atkinson
  • Karole Fuller
  • Rick Hollis
  • Casey Kohrt
  • Mary Mascher
  • Perry Ross



  • Deb Quade, President
  • Lynette Seigley, Vice-President
  • Jenny Hollis Miller, Secretary
  • Sally Stutsman, Treasurer

Planned Projects

Projects that we are currently working on include the following:
  • A mobile device-friendly website about Johnson County natural areas, including a mobile-optimized version of our Useful Links page
  • An annual celebration of Johnson County Conservation
  • Friends of JCC members-only explorations of different JCCB lands
  • FJCC donor recognition
  • Re-establishing and assisting with the JCCB Annual Photo Contest
  • Creation of iNaturalist projects for JCCB properties to facilitate citizen science
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